Saturday , 31 July 2021

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Does Your Value Justify Your Career Objectives?

Value Justify Your Career

At almost every stage in life, most people have a certain vision of where they wish to be at a certain future point and try to work their way towards getting there. These life goals keep everyone trucking along, and provide a great incentive to work hard along the way. Entering a profession and later growing and developing a solid ... Read More »

Accurate Self-Perception vs. Special Snowflake Syndrome

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Have you ever heard of participation awards? The removal of the terms winners and losers from any competitive activity, even sports? The belief that everybody is special and destined for whatever it is they set their mind towards accomplishing? These are just a few of the shining examples in today’s world of the extensive coddling of the younger generations. A ... Read More »

Dealing With the Stress of Law Practice

Dealing With Stress Of Law

Law is a service industry. This means only one thing: clients matter above all. If you can’t obtain clients, you have no business. If you do obtain clients, you are expected to roll out the red carpet to keep them. This is not exactly a stress-free environment. Particular to the legal profession, however, is the added problem of always thinking ... Read More »

Financial Freedom: The Error of Overconsumption

Financial Freedom

Unless you are already wealthy, it is safe to assume that one of your ideal life outcomes includes attaining financial freedom. That magical point in time where you no longer have to worry about rationing your cash inflow in a way that meets your financial responsibilities and objectives because you have enough money to go around. For many, this may ... Read More »

Job Search Struggles: Maintaining a Long Term Perspective

Job Search Perspective

With the legal market saturated, many recent law school graduates find themselves in a very unfortunate situation: underemployment or outright unemployment, high student debt, and no prospects on the job search front. The situation is compounded by the fact that these graduates cannot simply shift course and try their luck in other fields. Contrary to popular belief, the JD is ... Read More »

BigLaw: Understanding the Reality of the Winning Ticket

BigLaw Reality

With six-figure starting salaries up for grabs after graduation, it is not difficult to imagine why so many law students dream of striking it big. Lining up biglaw after graduation is seen as the golden ticket. The pot at the end of the rainbow. Sure, the chances are slim, particularly once you slide out of the Top 14 schools, but ... Read More »