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Law School Attendance

Law School Attendance: Do Your Research!

Law School Attendance

So you’re thinking about law school. Unsatisfied with your current circumstances or perhaps simply chasing a childhood dream, law school has popped onto your radar. You find little fault with the option and even find yourself pretty excited at the prospect of graduating with a law degree. After all, being a lawyer is quite prestigious. The profession is right up ... Read More »

The JD Degree Disadvantage: No-Only JDs Need Apply

JD Degree Disadvantage

One of the most common claims in advertisements contained in law school brochures and related information packets aimed at prospective law students praises the worth of the standalone JD degree. With the JD, the claim goes, law graduates come out of law school killing two birds with one stone: not only will they be equipped for practice in the legal ... Read More »

Law School Rankings: The Faulty Reliance On US News

US News Law School Rankings

Every year, thousands of prospective law students send out applications to law schools all across the country. Although many factors may play a role in a student’s ultimate decision to attend a particular law school, indisputably, a chief factor among them is the law school’s US News ranking. This is not a surprise. Undertaking such an educational commitment naturally fosters ... Read More »

The Potential K-JD Disadvantage

K-JD Disadvantage

The average prospective law student decides on law school in undergrad and begins the application process in time to enroll in law school immediately after graduating college. On its face, this seems reasonable. Why waste years in between college and law school if the student knows he or she wants to be a lawyer? This will only slow down the ... Read More »

The Top Law School Cliff

Top Law School Cliff

When people pursue higher education, whether it be college or graduate school, many almost instinctively prioritize getting into the best school over all other factors. The allure of attending the best school on the acceptance list is often so strong that they will blindly enroll even if they have to move across country or spend a fortune financing the decision. ... Read More »

Law School Dreams: Popular Yet Next To Unreachable Practice Areas

Sports Entertainment Law

Prospective law students decide on law school for a variety of reasons. At least some of these reasons, however, are erroneous and leave much to be desired. For example, prospective law students rationalizing their future career uncertainty by enrolling in law school because the JD’s versatility will open many doors. These erroneous reasons are not grounded in research and statistics, ... Read More »

The JD Law Degree: Dispelling the Common Myth of Versatility

JD Degree Versatile

A very common reason among prospective law students for enrolling in law school is the belief that obtaining the JD law degree can never hurt. After all, this is law school, more or less the lay-prestige equivalent of medical school. How can pursuing three extra years of higher education in a relatively prestigious field such as the law not be ... Read More »

Attending Law School: Pre-Law Questionnaire

Pre-Law Questionnaire

If you are considering attending law school, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Among them is the fact that a law degree is a graduate degree, and pursuing any graduate degree should not be undertaken without doing your research and obtaining all material information that can help you decide whether that degree is worth both ... Read More »

Law Practice: Perception vs. Reality

Practice of Law

Prior to entering law school, you would be hard pressed to find a prospective student that understands the reality of the practice of law. Unless the student has some legal experience under their belt due to college internships, jobs after college in preparation for law school (ex. paralegal) where they have observed lawyers in practice, their vision of what a ... Read More »