Saturday , 31 July 2021

Student Loans

Re-Financing Student Loans: Is It Right For You?

Student Loan Refinance

The statistics overwhelmingly point to the fact that the average law school student not only graduates with a shiny JD, but often a small mortgage-sized student loan balance. Law School Student Loan Warning discusses the perils of diving into law school or any other graduate degree when a significant portion of your financial backing comes from student loans, but for ... Read More »

The Law School Student Loan Warning

Student Loan Debt After Graduation

Education is the key to success, at least that’s what everybody is told from an early age. It is no wonder then that today’s college degree is the previous generation’s high school diploma. Everybody wants in on the action. However, with this influx of college graduates flooding the market and a beat up economy with limited employment opportunities in place, ... Read More »

IBR + PAYE: Frequently Asked Questions


To supplement the Student Loan Repayment: IBR and PAYE article, which describes the general basics of the two repayment plans, this is a list of frequently asked questions that graduates often ask about the plans: If I do not qualify for PAYE, can I still qualify for IBR? Answer: Yes. PAYE is simply a slightly tweaked version of IBR that ... Read More »