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Law School Attendance: Do Your Research!

Law School Attendance

So you’re thinking about law school. Unsatisfied with your current circumstances or perhaps simply chasing a childhood dream, law school has popped onto your radar. You find little fault with the option and even find yourself pretty excited at the prospect of graduating with a law degree. After all, being a lawyer is quite prestigious. The profession is right up ... Read More »

Accurate Self-Perception vs. Special Snowflake Syndrome

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Have you ever heard of participation awards? The removal of the terms winners and losers from any competitive activity, even sports? The belief that everybody is special and destined for whatever it is they set their mind towards accomplishing? These are just a few of the shining examples in today’s world of the extensive coddling of the younger generations. A ... Read More »

The Potential K-JD Disadvantage

K-JD Disadvantage

The average prospective law student decides on law school in undergrad and begins the application process in time to enroll in law school immediately after graduating college. On its face, this seems reasonable. Why waste years in between college and law school if the student knows he or she wants to be a lawyer? This will only slow down the ... Read More »

The Top Law School Cliff

Top Law School Cliff

When people pursue higher education, whether it be college or graduate school, many almost instinctively prioritize getting into the best school over all other factors. The allure of attending the best school on the acceptance list is often so strong that they will blindly enroll even if they have to move across country or spend a fortune financing the decision. ... Read More »

Attending Law School: Pre-Law Questionnaire

Pre-Law Questionnaire

If you are considering attending law school, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Among them is the fact that a law degree is a graduate degree, and pursuing any graduate degree should not be undertaken without doing your research and obtaining all material information that can help you decide whether that degree is worth both ... Read More »