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Law School Dreams: Popular Yet Next To Unreachable Practice Areas

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Prospective law students decide on law school for a variety of reasons. At least some of these reasons, however, are erroneous and leave much to be desired. For example, prospective law students rationalizing their future career uncertainty by enrolling in law school because the JD’s versatility will open many doors. These erroneous reasons are not grounded in research and statistics, ... Read More »

The JD Law Degree: Dispelling the Common Myth of Versatility

JD Degree Versatile

A very common reason among prospective law students for enrolling in law school is the belief that obtaining the JD law degree can never hurt. After all, this is law school, more or less the lay-prestige equivalent of medical school. How can pursuing three extra years of higher education in a relatively prestigious field such as the law not be ... Read More »