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Summer Associate Success: Avoiding Two Fundamental Mistakes

Summer Associate Success

If big law was on your radar and you’ve been fortunate enough to land a summer associate position, congratulations. Landing the initial summer offer during 2L OCI is arguably the hardest hurdle in the process, even if there is a whole summer of work and the ultimate prize of a full-time offer still ahead of you. Because big firms handle ... Read More »

Dealing With the Stress of Law Practice

Dealing With Stress Of Law

Law is a service industry. This means only one thing: clients matter above all. If you can’t obtain clients, you have no business. If you do obtain clients, you are expected to roll out the red carpet to keep them. This is not exactly a stress-free environment. Particular to the legal profession, however, is the added problem of always thinking ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Adding Value and Strengthening Your Career

Adding Value Junior Associate

Nobody begins a career lacking the desire to grow and develop it successfully. After jumping through the hoops by going to college, and in this case law school, the hope is that this all winds up paying some very nice long-term dividends in the end. To ensure that’s the case, striving to build career security and stimulate constant career growth ... Read More »

Law School Dreams: Popular Yet Next To Unreachable Practice Areas

Sports Entertainment Law

Prospective law students decide on law school for a variety of reasons. At least some of these reasons, however, are erroneous and leave much to be desired. For example, prospective law students rationalizing their future career uncertainty by enrolling in law school because the JD’s versatility will open many doors. These erroneous reasons are not grounded in research and statistics, ... Read More »

The JD Law Degree: Dispelling the Common Myth of Versatility

JD Degree Versatile

A very common reason among prospective law students for enrolling in law school is the belief that obtaining the JD law degree can never hurt. After all, this is law school, more or less the lay-prestige equivalent of medical school. How can pursuing three extra years of higher education in a relatively prestigious field such as the law not be ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Learning From the Experiences of Others

Learning From Others

Generally speaking, it does not take long for most people to figure out that their experiences, particularly their mistakes, are integral to shaping their future decision-making. Although it is almost universally understood that most people learn from experience, the practical implications of this concept often do not extend very far from that conclusion. In other words, what’s confusingly rare is ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Handling Criticism and Mistakes

Handling Criticism

Whenever you enter into any professional work environment, certain rules automatically apply. You are expected to understand these rules from the second you walk in the door. It is not your employer’s job to teach you about basic workplace etiquette, the duty lies with you to learn what matters to the extent you have not done so already. However, there ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Keeping Sight of the Big Picture

Keeping Sight of the Big Picture

When you are beginning your journey as a new lawyer, many things may seem overwhelming. The amount of information you have to manage and the variety of work you need to handle and organize at one time will quickly leave you focused on nothing more than the task at hand. Although keeping laser vision on your work product is imperative ... Read More »