Saturday , 31 July 2021

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Law School Rankings: The Faulty Reliance On US News

US News Law School Rankings

Every year, thousands of prospective law students send out applications to law schools all across the country. Although many factors may play a role in a student’s ultimate decision to attend a particular law school, indisputably, a chief factor among them is the law school’s US News ranking. This is not a surprise. Undertaking such an educational commitment naturally fosters ... Read More »

Accurate Self-Perception vs. Special Snowflake Syndrome

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Have you ever heard of participation awards? The removal of the terms winners and losers from any competitive activity, even sports? The belief that everybody is special and destined for whatever it is they set their mind towards accomplishing? These are just a few of the shining examples in today’s world of the extensive coddling of the younger generations. A ... Read More »