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Interview Fundamentals: Conversation, Confidence, Humor

Interview Fundamentals

For most people, interviews are not the highlight of their day. This is not surprising, considering the idea of sitting down across the table from somebody and explaining why you are the right individual for the job isn’t exactly easy. Many people get anxious, uncomfortable, and lost in the moment even after extensive practice and preparation. Outside of internships, there’s ... Read More »

Lawyer Success: Employment History Lesson

Law Employment History

A very common belief, perhaps alive as late as 2007, was that law school could not hurt you. If you were not destined for medical school, it offered the “prestige” of entering into a field that was very much respected by laypeople and put you on the path to a very comfortable living. I mean, who really knew a ton ... Read More »

2L OCI Strike Out: Reevaluating Law School

2L OCI Strikeout

For most incoming 2Ls seeking to enter private practice, the 2L OCI window will zoom on by bearing zero gifts. Unfortunately, that is the nature of how 2L OCI works, as the vast majority of law students do not land post-graduate employment from it even though it is the single greatest employment opportunity in law school. Initially bummed, many law ... Read More »

Job Search Struggles: Maintaining a Long Term Perspective

Job Search Perspective

With the legal market saturated, many recent law school graduates find themselves in a very unfortunate situation: underemployment or outright unemployment, high student debt, and no prospects on the job search front. The situation is compounded by the fact that these graduates cannot simply shift course and try their luck in other fields. Contrary to popular belief, the JD is ... Read More »

BigLaw: Understanding the Reality of the Winning Ticket

BigLaw Reality

With six-figure starting salaries up for grabs after graduation, it is not difficult to imagine why so many law students dream of striking it big. Lining up biglaw after graduation is seen as the golden ticket. The pot at the end of the rainbow. Sure, the chances are slim, particularly once you slide out of the Top 14 schools, but ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Learning From the Experiences of Others

Learning From Others

Generally speaking, it does not take long for most people to figure out that their experiences, particularly their mistakes, are integral to shaping their future decision-making. Although it is almost universally understood that most people learn from experience, the practical implications of this concept often do not extend very far from that conclusion. In other words, what’s confusingly rare is ... Read More »

Law School Job Search Strategy: Don’t be a Picky 3L (Chapter 2)

Picky 3L

“Beggars can’t be choosers!” – said everybody. This quote is particularly relevant to 3L students who are currently searching for post-graduate legal employment, but may be unaware or forgetting how hard their back is currently against the wall in today’s New Normal. Very often it is the case that some law students close to graduation come to think that they ... Read More »

IBR + PAYE: Frequently Asked Questions


To supplement the Student Loan Repayment: IBR and PAYE article, which describes the general basics of the two repayment plans, this is a list of frequently asked questions that graduates often ask about the plans: If I do not qualify for PAYE, can I still qualify for IBR? Answer: Yes. PAYE is simply a slightly tweaked version of IBR that ... Read More »