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2L OCI: How the On Campus Interview Process Works

2L OCI Interviews

For the impatient: If you are thinking about enrolling in law school as a result of dreaming of six-figure salaries, it is a requirement that you attend one of the best law schools in the country and achieve a very high class rank after your first year of law school. The vast majority of students entering law school each year ... Read More »

Law School 101: Acing the Law School Exam

Law School Exam Advice

With the mandatory curve unleashed on each new class of incoming 1Ls used as a sorting mechanism to sift through the masses, it is imperative to your law school success that you understand the unique beast that is the law school exam. After all, that 3-5 hour exam at the end of your semester is all that stands to set ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Handling Criticism and Mistakes

Handling Criticism

Whenever you enter into any professional work environment, certain rules automatically apply. You are expected to understand these rules from the second you walk in the door. It is not your employer’s job to teach you about basic workplace etiquette, the duty lies with you to learn what matters to the extent you have not done so already. However, there ... Read More »

Law School Exam Performance: The Hidden Reality

Law Student Advantage

It is no secret that law school exams generally consist of only one grade: the final exam. With the addition of a mandatory curve, it is also no secret that law school is ultimately a competition among peers. However, what most law students are completely unaware of is the fact that not everyone is actually on the same playing field. ... Read More »

Acing the Law School Exam: The Logistics

Law School Exam

Although understanding the substance of how to take a law school exam is the most important key to performing well, there are plenty of other things that a law student needs to keep in mind to help make sure everything goes right on exam day. These are the law school exam logistics: mostly procedural matters that will potentially impact your ... Read More »

Law Practice: Perception vs. Reality

Practice of Law

Prior to entering law school, you would be hard pressed to find a prospective student that understands the reality of the practice of law. Unless the student has some legal experience under their belt due to college internships, jobs after college in preparation for law school (ex. paralegal) where they have observed lawyers in practice, their vision of what a ... Read More »

Practice Advice: Keeping Sight of the Big Picture

Keeping Sight of the Big Picture

When you are beginning your journey as a new lawyer, many things may seem overwhelming. The amount of information you have to manage and the variety of work you need to handle and organize at one time will quickly leave you focused on nothing more than the task at hand. Although keeping laser vision on your work product is imperative ... Read More »