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Practice Advice: Adding Value and Strengthening Your Career

Adding Value Junior Associate

Nobody begins a career lacking the desire to grow and develop it successfully. After jumping through the hoops by going to college, and in this case law school, the hope is that this all winds up paying some very nice long-term dividends in the end. To ensure that’s the case, striving to build career security and stimulate constant career growth ... Read More »

The Potential K-JD Disadvantage

K-JD Disadvantage

The average prospective law student decides on law school in undergrad and begins the application process in time to enroll in law school immediately after graduating college. On its face, this seems reasonable. Why waste years in between college and law school if the student knows he or she wants to be a lawyer? This will only slow down the ... Read More »

The Top Law School Cliff

Top Law School Cliff

When people pursue higher education, whether it be college or graduate school, many almost instinctively prioritize getting into the best school over all other factors. The allure of attending the best school on the acceptance list is often so strong that they will blindly enroll even if they have to move across country or spend a fortune financing the decision. ... Read More »

The Law School Student Loan Warning

Student Loan Debt After Graduation

Education is the key to success, at least that’s what everybody is told from an early age. It is no wonder then that today’s college degree is the previous generation’s high school diploma. Everybody wants in on the action. However, with this influx of college graduates flooding the market and a beat up economy with limited employment opportunities in place, ... Read More »

Law School Job Search Strategy: Real Networking (Chapter 4)

Real Networking

If 2L OCI has not worked out or you’re focused on job opportunities at places that hire closer to graduation, the first thing you’ll hear almost universally out of anybody’s mouth when you ask for advice is to start networking. In fact, in this New Normal any law school’s career services office will be hard pressed to not make this ... Read More »

Law School Dreams: Popular Yet Next To Unreachable Practice Areas

Sports Entertainment Law

Prospective law students decide on law school for a variety of reasons. At least some of these reasons, however, are erroneous and leave much to be desired. For example, prospective law students rationalizing their future career uncertainty by enrolling in law school because the JD’s versatility will open many doors. These erroneous reasons are not grounded in research and statistics, ... Read More »

The JD Law Degree: Dispelling the Common Myth of Versatility

JD Degree Versatile

A very common reason among prospective law students for enrolling in law school is the belief that obtaining the JD law degree can never hurt. After all, this is law school, more or less the lay-prestige equivalent of medical school. How can pursuing three extra years of higher education in a relatively prestigious field such as the law not be ... Read More »

Attending Law School: Pre-Law Questionnaire

Pre-Law Questionnaire

If you are considering attending law school, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Among them is the fact that a law degree is a graduate degree, and pursuing any graduate degree should not be undertaken without doing your research and obtaining all material information that can help you decide whether that degree is worth both ... Read More »

Law School Exam Success: Are Study Groups Necessary?

Law School Study Group

On the journey towards law school exam domination, an important question must be asked: will it be more beneficial to study on your own or with a group of your classroom peers? After all, whatever helps increase the chances of doing well should be included as part of the game plan targeting finals. The easy answer is to chalk it ... Read More »