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Re-Financing Student Loans: Is It Right For You?

Student Loan Refinance

The statistics overwhelmingly point to the fact that the average law school student not only graduates with a shiny JD, but often a small mortgage-sized student loan balance. Law School Student Loan Warning discusses the perils of diving into law school or any other graduate degree when a significant portion of your financial backing comes from student loans, but for ... Read More »

Law School Attendance: Do Your Research!

Law School Attendance

So you’re thinking about law school. Unsatisfied with your current circumstances or perhaps simply chasing a childhood dream, law school has popped onto your radar. You find little fault with the option and even find yourself pretty excited at the prospect of graduating with a law degree. After all, being a lawyer is quite prestigious. The profession is right up ... Read More »

The JD Degree Disadvantage: No-Only JDs Need Apply

JD Degree Disadvantage

One of the most common claims in advertisements contained in law school brochures and related information packets aimed at prospective law students praises the worth of the standalone JD degree. With the JD, the claim goes, law graduates come out of law school killing two birds with one stone: not only will they be equipped for practice in the legal ... Read More »

2L OCI Success: Taking Advantage of Alumni Contacts

2L OCI Network Alumni

Traditionally, attending a top law school and rocking 1L exams was the credential power punch that gave law students the greatest chance of securing a summer offer from 2L OCI. The better the law school you attended, and the higher your class rank after 1L year, the easier it was for firms to extend you an offer. Often times, depending ... Read More »

Law School Rankings: The Faulty Reliance On US News

US News Law School Rankings

Every year, thousands of prospective law students send out applications to law schools all across the country. Although many factors may play a role in a student’s ultimate decision to attend a particular law school, indisputably, a chief factor among them is the law school’s US News ranking. This is not a surprise. Undertaking such an educational commitment naturally fosters ... Read More »

Summer Associate Success: Avoiding Two Fundamental Mistakes

Summer Associate Success

If big law was on your radar and you’ve been fortunate enough to land a summer associate position, congratulations. Landing the initial summer offer during 2L OCI is arguably the hardest hurdle in the process, even if there is a whole summer of work and the ultimate prize of a full-time offer still ahead of you. Because big firms handle ... Read More »

Does Your Value Justify Your Career Objectives?

Value Justify Your Career

At almost every stage in life, most people have a certain vision of where they wish to be at a certain future point and try to work their way towards getting there. These life goals keep everyone trucking along, and provide a great incentive to work hard along the way. Entering a profession and later growing and developing a solid ... Read More »

Accurate Self-Perception vs. Special Snowflake Syndrome

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Have you ever heard of participation awards? The removal of the terms winners and losers from any competitive activity, even sports? The belief that everybody is special and destined for whatever it is they set their mind towards accomplishing? These are just a few of the shining examples in today’s world of the extensive coddling of the younger generations. A ... Read More »

Dealing With the Stress of Law Practice

Dealing With Stress Of Law

Law is a service industry. This means only one thing: clients matter above all. If you can’t obtain clients, you have no business. If you do obtain clients, you are expected to roll out the red carpet to keep them. This is not exactly a stress-free environment. Particular to the legal profession, however, is the added problem of always thinking ... Read More »

Financial Freedom: The Error of Overconsumption

Financial Freedom

Unless you are already wealthy, it is safe to assume that one of your ideal life outcomes includes attaining financial freedom. That magical point in time where you no longer have to worry about rationing your cash inflow in a way that meets your financial responsibilities and objectives because you have enough money to go around. For many, this may ... Read More »